Driver freed from smashed car after ploughing into bus following police chase

A driver has been freed from his smashed car and a ‘serious collision’ with a bus in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Police have launched an investigation following the incident involving a car and a bus on The Broadway in Ealing yesterday.

Fire crews, paramedics and police officers were all called to the scene at the junction with Hamilton Road in Ealing just before 3am.

It is believed to have followed a police pursuit in the area of West London.

The driver was understood to have been freed by fire crews and taken to hospital after his car ploughed into the front of a London night bus.

Images of the wreckage appear to show a crumpled Audi vehicle with its roof crushed and the front windscreen completely shattered.

A huge amount of damage has also been inflicted on the driver side of the car.

It is not yet known the extent of the injuries that the driver sustained during the incident or if any arrests have been made.

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From photographs taken at the scene the bus appears to have also been also severely damaged from the collision.

The front driver side has crumpled and the structure near to the front tyre has been completely torn off, with debris lying scattered on the road near it.

It is not known how many people were involved in the incident or what the nature of the earlier police pursuit was.

The London Night Bus network is a series of night bus routes that serve Greater London. Its services generally operate between the hours of 11pm and 6am.