Caleb Farley: Draft a corner over me, I’ll try to do you like Randy Moss

NFL teams likely have questions about cornerback Caleb Farley after he opted out of playing for Virginia Tech last year and had back surgery last month, but they probably aren’t wondering about his confidence.

Farley said last month that he expects to be one of the top cornerbacks in the league and he showed similar bravado in an interview with Chris Simms this week. Farley said teams should know his back injury is “little risk for a huge reward” and that they should think twice before selecting Patrick Surtain II, Jaycee Horn, or any other cornerback ahead of him.

“But best believe, any team that takes a corner over me, you know, I’m a dog,” Farley said. “That’s going to tick me off. It’s going to tick me off. I’m gonna try to do them like Randy Moss did them, you know, when they let him fall. I’m gonna try to high step all the way to the end zone with the ball of my hands and point at my back when I get in there. That’s the type of dude I am. I’ll be suited up this fall and I can’t wait.”

Moss went 21st in the 1998 draft and most of the teams that picked in the top 20 had reason to regret that decision. We’ll see if Farley gets the same kind of motivation later this month.